Analytical Chemistry

The chemistry section of the laboratory can provide a range of analytical testing using HPLC, GC, FT-IR, UV/Vis and AA instrumentation.

The types of testing we can offer are:

  • Analysis of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products
    • testing to British, European and United States Pharmacopoeias
  • Stability Testing
    • testing to NHS and ICH guidelines
  • Water Testing
    • Pharmacopoeia grade
    • CFPP-01-01 for Autoclaves and washer disinfectors
    • CFPP01-06 for Endoscopy
    • Reverse osmosis and clean steam
  • Cytotoxic Residue Monitoring
    • SQC provide a cytotoxic residue monitoring service to pharmacy aseptic units and laboratories inside and outside the NHS handling cytotoxic drugs. We supply self-contained kits with all materials necessary for sampling surfaces for traces of cytotoxic residues and for sending back to our laboratory where we quantify residues found.