SQC has a long history of providing microbiology testing services to GMP and pharmacy units along with testing for non pharmaceutical units such as NHS Estates departments. The types of testing we offer are:

  • Environmental monitoring
    • Passive sampling e.g. settle plates
    • Active sampling e.g. contact plates, active air sampling
  • Rapid Microbial Identification
    • Identification to species level using our MALDI-TOF system
    • Specialist advice on identifications from our head microbiologist
    • Assistance in root cause analysis of microbiological issues
  • Sterility Testing to Pharmacopoeia requirements
    • Filtration Sterility Testing
    • Direct inoculation sterility testing e.g. cytotoxic products
  • Total Viable Organism Counts
  • Preservative Efficacy Testing
  • Water Testing
    • Pharmacopoeia
    • CFPP Standards e.g. endoscopy, washer disinfectors
    • Renal
    • Pools e.g. hydrotherapy and swimming pools
  • Bioburden testing