Who's who in SQC

Wayne Goddard MSc - Laboratory Manager

Responsible for management of the SQC service

wayne.goddard@nth.nhs.uk or 01642 382967

Avril Lagan BSc - Head of Internal Services

Responsible for operational testing of microbiology and chemistry samples

avril.lagan@nth.nhs.uk or 01642 382963

Jamie Clarke BSc - Head of External Services

Responsible for cleanroom and medical gas testing

jamie.clarke@nth.nhs.uk or 01642 382964

Vicky Tickle BSc - Head Microbiologist

Responsible for ID service and specialist advice

vicky.tickle@nth.nhs.uk or 01642 382965

Katy Robins BSc- Head of Quality

Responsible for Quality management system and audit

katy.robins@nth.nhs.uk or 01642 382966

Susan Porteous - Head of Business and Logistics

Responsible for contracts, invoicing and logistics

susan.porteous2@nth.nhs.uk or 01642 382968